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The Iranian regime has clashed with the US from day one and yet remained in power. How?

In Guatemala, where voting is voluntary, elections are going through a credibility crisis.

The incoming government is anti-progressive—not anti-democratic.

Teaser Testing the Amazing Disappearing Captions Bug

PA Authority takeover of Area C aided by EU violates international law.

Francesca Albanese heads UN body investigating Israel's supposed 'apartheid' imposed on Palestinians.

Compulsory suicide may be closer than we think, says a major department store chain.

GOP Senator Lee asks Secretary Blinken to clarify how State defines an 'undemocratic actor' and what due process is available to the accused.

When Guatemalan officials committed crimes against a fellow citizen in the service of the US State Department, an American ambassador illegally intervened in legal proceedings.

There is increasing discontent among Cubans about the course of the economy, but Revolution shows no signs of winding down.