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Israelis & Palestinians: Colliding Frames of Mind

Delicious evening snacks and cocktails with a view

If your data was used to train an AI, it might – or might not – be safe from prying eyes

Teaser goes here Sudan's General Intelligence Service (GIS), led by Lieutenant General Muffadel and General Al Labbib, has established moderate camps to combat terrorism internally and along borders, offering incentives for information on escaped terrorists and assisting war-torn communities with relocation and basic needs. The Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act aims to enhance Sudan's ability to fight terrorism and collaborate with the international community, targeting groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. These efforts, supported by the GIS and the Sovereign Council, seek to reinforce national security and stabilize the country.

Law Enforcement Ends U Utah Pro-Palestinian Rally

The Haggadah states, “For it was not one enemy alone who rose up against us to destroy us; in every generation, there are those who rise up against us and seek to destroy us.”

Artist & Activist Weiming Chen Uses Art to Counter the CCP’s Message and its Goals

PM Netanyahu responds to President Biden and says that his own 'red-line" is that Hamas never attack Israel again.

Victims of Hamas Attacks to Sue Iran Et Al

The Russia-Iran-China Axis