Values That Shape The World Lecture Series

The World is Changing—And Our Paradigms Must Change With It

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With society’s many systemic challenges, including the rapid pace of technological and scientific advancements, what future values are needed to shape how our times unfold. What can we learn from societies whose values fail to enable their people?

Beginning October 26, 2022, the IJ and Jeanné Jewish Community Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be hosting an in-person lecture series by Faye Lincoln, author of the acclaimed book Values That Shape the World.  Lincoln will explore the pattern of societal values that developed in Israel’s ancient biblical society in relationship to today’s values and the issues facing a complex global world. A paradigm shift is needed, one that uses a more relevant set of future values that will address technological change and innovation.

The four-part series will cover the following topics:
October 26, 2022: Overview: Values That Shape the World
November 9, 2022: Forging New Global Economic Alliances: The Russia-Ukraine War’s Impact on Energy Solutions
January 17, 2023: Laying New Foundations for Technology in Education and Social Media Platforms

January 31, 2023: US vs. China: Emerging Models in Supply Chain Constraints

“Forging New Global Economic Alliances” will discuss Ukraine’s invasion by Russia from the perspective of Russia’s wish to dominate European natural gas and energy markets. This crisis has generated stronger alliances among NATO and EU nations against the growing authoritarian threat coming from Russia. It has forged new energy markets for EU natural gas diversification and created incentives for developing long-term alternative energy solutions. Out of crisis comes opportunity for new directions that will strengthen democracies and free markets in a global world.

“Laying New Foundations for Technology in Education and Social Media Platforms” will present the challenges experienced with remote learning during the COVID pandemic. Digital technology was thought to be the answer to bringing education to all. Instead, it has failed all expectations. Internet access was not available to everyone equally, educational scores have worsened, and behavioral learning skills have been impacted. The growth of social media platforms has raised the issue of content appropriateness, legal liabilities, and the public outcry for needed change. Digital technology is so complex that foundational elements of understanding must be developed to begin guiding public policy.

“US vs. China: Emerging Models in Supply Chain Constraints” will deal with the growing geopolitical division between the US and China which affects Taiwan and threatens the global semiconductor industry. Limitations in producing semiconductors and mining lithium are also slowing the transition to electric vehicles. By having outsourced the supply chain to lower wage countries such as China, the US has lost ground in advanced manufacturing. The escalating divide between these two nations is creating new opportunities to bring manufacturing back to the US and strengthen alliances with other democratic nations.

The geopolitical divide is widening, while the pace of digital technology and scientific advancement is accelerating. Focused on balancing the needs of both individuals and society, crises and constraints are facilitating the emergence of new business models that will redirect economic development in a globally challenged and challenging world.  

This series will be held in-person at:
IJ and Jeanné Jewish Community Center
2 Medical Drive North
Salt Lake City, Utah 84113
October 26, 2022, November 9, 2022, January 17, 2023, and January 31, 2023
7:00–9:30 p.m.

Cultural ethicist Faye Lincoln is author of Values That Shape the World: Ancient Precepts, Modern Concepts (Dialog Press, 2021). She analyzes the value-based implications of US and Middle Eastern policies based on history, religion, economics, and public policy.

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