Lecture and Autographing Signing—Corporate Misconduct and Lessons to be Learned

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 10:30 AM–11:30 AM

Lecture and Autographing Signing
Corporate Misconduct and Lessons to be Learned
Sponsored by Sask Culture, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Jewish Council and the Beth Jacob Synagogue in association with The Regina Catholic Schools, Regina Public Schools, Luther College High School, University of Regina, Paul J. Hill School of Business and the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business, and the Rotary Club of Regina and cosponsored by the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, NAHOS--National Association of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors, Generations of the Shoah International, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, the State of California Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance, The Auto Channel, History Network News, and the Jewish Virtual Library.
Paul Hill School of Business and the Ken Levene Graduate School of Business
Rm 616 Education Building
University of Regina
Regina SK
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