Author Offers Course on Geopolitical and Technology Shifts That Are Changing the World

Course participants will evaluate new models of scientific research and bring Biblical history alive in the midst of geopolitical, economic, and technological challenges.

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Author Faye Lincoln will offer a course at the University of Utah through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute on how to understand a new order in the world being driven by shifts in geopolitics and growth of new technologies.

Dubbed Geopolitical Shifts and Changing Technology: From Global Chaos to Personal Clarity, the section meets on Tuesdays from 1:30 pm to 3 pm beginning January 16 and through February 20, 2024. The first class uses her breakout book Values That Shape The World as a foundation and frame for future values. The course continues with “The Russia-Ukraine War: energy solutions,” and is followed by classes on the US-China rivalry, technology threats, emerging models in scientific research, and big data and its ethics, biases, and algorithms implications.

The course syllabus says, in part: “We will apply a new model of future values”, and “…evaluate newly emerging models in scientific research based on Operation Warp Speed, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and genomics in drug research, and the growth of digital space technology, as well as the ethics of big data and algorithms. An evolutionary framework of societal values will be used, bringing ancient biblical history alive against contemporary challenges—economic, geopolitical, and technological.”

The classes are being given live on the campus at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City by Lincoln. Registration is available online on the University of Utah website for continuing education.

Faye Lincoln is the author of Values That Shape the World: Ancient Precepts, Modern Concepts. She has worked in senior level corporate executive positions focused on public policy, government relations, and health care administration for over 35 years.

Lincoln said of the upcoming course, “The world appears to be in chaos and it is difficult to make sense of it! But underneath society's accelerating change, driven by the shifts in global geopolitics and the growth of technology, a new order is beginning to develop. Using powerful visuals, this course will help you connect the dots to understand the impact of these changes,” to bring “ancient biblical history alive against contemporary challenges - economic, geopolitical, and technological.”

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