Anti-Semites Attack Jewish Leader's Home On Thanksgiving Day

Masked protesters went to the home of the leader of AIPAC, throwing smoke bombs.

Anti antisemitic attack Brentwood CA screen grab

Anti-semites threw smoke bombs and poured red paint on a sidewalk outside the home of Michael Tuchin, the president of the American israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Brentwood, California. The attack occurred on Thanksgiving Day in the Los Angeles suburb.

In a video posted by the group Stop Antisemitism, a group of people wearing black clothing and covering their faces chanted slogans and threw the explosive devices into the yard of the home. Another video posted by the group showed individuals throwing red paint, presumably to imitate blood, on the sidewalk in front of the home and on objects covered in white sheets resembling the bodies of dead Gazans wrapped in shrouds.

Stop AntiSemitism tweeted, "HORRIFYING - the home of AIPAC's President was targeted by pro-Palestinian radicals who ignited smoke bombs outside of his residence and proceeded to spill red paint, signifying blood." It added, "What's next? The burning of synagogues and schools like in 1939 Germany?"

A radical group calling itself People's City Council acknowledged responsibility for the vandalism on its own X page. The group wrote, "RIGHT NOW: people are out in front of @AIPAC president Michael Tuchin's house in Los Angeles for a holiday wake up call! AIPAC spends tens of millions to control pro-genocide congressmembers [Expletive] your holiday baby killer" #FreePalestine."
The FBI has noted a spike in crimes attributed to anti-semitism in 2023 and especially after the October 7 violent attack by the Hamas terrorists in Israel, which took the lives of 1,200 people.

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